We're on a mission to democratize venture capital

Pyrium is an investment community made up of regular people. We use our collective lived experience to identify, support, and back companies who are seeking to build experiences for our tomorrow.

For entrepreneurs, Pyrium is where you connect with potential investors from the crowd. We are a portal that you can use to share your equity crowdfunding campaign with your community.  The Pyrium investor community is open to you as a resource. We invite you to join and connect with other investors, issuers, and equity crowdfunding supporters. 

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Pyrium is incorporated with the goal to increase generational wealth among communities who have been historically excluded from wealth building opportunities.


The Pyrium Investor Community launches to educate retail investors and create a supportive, peer-driven culture of investing.


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Meet The Team

Marquesa Finch

Marquesa Finch, our CEO at Pyrium! She is an absolute rockstar who is currently helping build a learning platform for non-accredited investors to buy equity and debt into private companies. While creating Pyrium, she is still actively supporting digital health and blockchain health startups, especially those innovating at the intersection of public health and tech.


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Divya Reddy

Divya Reddy is our Head of Product and has 10+ yrs of experience working in Banking and Capital Markets . She has held multiple roles at Globally Significant Banks (GSIB’s) leading and building out various risk programs and implementing complex regulatory requirements. She has lead multiple teams globally & working on complex quantitative models, regulatory impacts, market dynamics & product. In September 2021 she graduated from the Harvard Business Analytics program.

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